Dr. Shirley C. Tucker Chair in Plant Systematics-LSU

The Department of Biological Sciences at Louisiana State University seeks an outstanding senior scholar at the rank of Full Professor to fill a nine-month, tenured appointment as the Dr. Shirley C. Tucker Chair in Plant Systematics.

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Assistant Professor in Botany, University of Hawai'i at Manoa

We are searching for a highly creative and interactive scholar who fits into our multidisciplinary department. The area and system of study are open, although we are most interested in candidates who will address fundamental topics in ecological and/or evolutionary theory through the use of quantitative approaches.

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Ph.D. Assistantship- Plant Genomics, Boise State University

A position is available for a Ph.D. student to investigate the impact of abiotic and biotic factors on the diversification of flowering plants by using the species-rich and ecologically important genus Piper as a model. This research will focus on three evolutionary forces: i) climate, i) pollination (a mutualistic process benefiting both the plant and its partner) and iii) plants' chemical defense (an antagonistic process developed to counteract insect herbivory).

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Ph.D. Assistantship- Plant Systematics, Boise State University

A position is available for a Ph.D. student to study the phylogenetics and systematics of Piper section Enckea (Piperaceae). The section comprises ~60 species from the Amazon to Mexico and the Caribbean Islands, consisting of shrubs to small trees. This project will investigate the molecular phylogenetic relationships of one of the earlier branching lineages in the genus using a combination of next generation sequencing data, morphology, and biogeography.

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Plant Biologist position-California

H. T. Harvey & Associates, an established ecological consulting firm based in Los Gatos, California, employs nearly 100 ecologists, landscape architects, and other professionals in six offices in California and Hawaii. Our core areas of expertise are restoration ecology, landscape architecture, plant ecology, wildlife ecology, and aquatic ecology. We cultivate excellence in our staff and our work in pursuit of our mission to create ecologically sound solutions to our clients’ complex natural resource challenges. 

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