Booth Volunteers Need at Botany 2018

Volunteers are needed for the ASPT booth at Botany 2018! As a volunteer, you will be promoting the Society, recruiting new members, selling T-shirts, and giving away posters and brochures. Furthermore, all proceeds from booth sales support the ASPT graduate student research grants. Hours worked at the ASPT booth count towards volunteer time needed through BSA for reimbursement of student registration fees!

The booth will be open Sunday through Wednesday, and we will need about 11 more volunteers in total. This is a great opportunity to get to know other members of the ASPT! If you are interested in volunteering, please email Craig Barrett ( as soon as possible with days and times you would prefer to volunteer. He will then contact you to schedule specific times.

Following is a revised schedule of needs for ASPT booth volunteers:

* Sunday: 5-7pm (1 needed) 7-9pm (1 needed)

* Monday: 3-5pm (2 needed) 5-7pm (2 needed)

* Tuesday: 1-3pm (2 needed) 3-5pm (2 needed)

* Wednesday: 9-11am (1 needed)