Systematic Botany

Systematic Botany is the Society's quarterly international scientific journal, and publishes papers on topics such as taxonomy, systematics, speciation, morphometrics, molecular phylogeny, conservation, biogeography, and methods.

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Editorial Staff

James F. Smith, Editor-in-Chief (2012-2020), email:
Daniel Potter, Managing Editor (2013-2021), email:
Benjamin Van Ee, Managing Editor (2015-2022), e-mail:
[vacant], Book Review Editor, email:
Fred R. Barrie, Nomenclature Editor, email:
Kanchi Gandhi, Nomenclature Editor, email:
Sarina Lambert, Copy Editor, email:
David Keil (ex officio), Systematic Botany Monographs Editor-in-Chief

Associate Editors
Charles Bell (2013-2020), e-mail:
Sven Buerki (2015-2018), email:
Tim Evans (2013-2020), e-mail:
Min Feng (2013-2020), e-mail:
Susana Freire (2017-2020), email:
Chrissen Gemmill (2010-2018), email:
Jocelyn Hall (2015-2018), email:
Melissa Islam (2018-2021), email:
Liliana Katinas (2017-2020), email:
Ashley Morris (2017-2020), email:
Luciano Queiros (2018-2021). email:
Ricarda Riina (2015-2018), email:
Jeff M. Saarela (2017-2020), email:
John Schenk (2019-2022), email:
Neil Snow (2017-2020), email:
Sasa Stefanovic (2016-2019), e-mail:
Adriano Stinca (2018-2021), email:
Alejandra Vasco (2016-2019), e-mail:
Martin Wojciechowski (2015-2018), email:
Shengxiang Yu (2017-2020), email: