Organized in 1935 to foster, encourage, and promote education and research in the field of plant taxonomy, to include those areas and fields of study that contribute to and bear upon taxonomy and herbaria.

Business Office

OPEN, Business Office Manager

Society Council


Pamela Soltis, President
Mark Fishbein, Past-President
Barbara Thiers, President-Elect
Wendy Clement, Secretary (2018-2020)
Austin Mast, Treasurer (2020-2026)
Harvey Ballard, Program Director (2020-2026)
Eric Schuettpelz, Finance Committee Chair (2018-2020)
Tommy Stoughton, Communications Coord. (2018-2020)
Felipe Zapata, Diversity Coordinator (2018-2020)


Naomi Fraga (2018-2020)
George Yatskievych (2018-2020)
David Tank (2019-2021)
Nyree Zerega (2019-2021)
Ivalú Cacho (2020-2022)
Ingrid Jordon-Thaden (2020-2022)

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