Systematic Botany Supplemental Files

Vol 40(4)

Schwartz, T., S. Nylinder, C. Ramadugu, A. Antonelli, and B. E. Pfeil. 2015. The origin of oranges: A multi-locus phylogeny of Rutaceae Subfamily Aurantioideae. Systematic Botany 40: 1053-1062.

Supplemental Files

Vol 39(4)

Bogdanović, S., S. Brullo, I. Rešetnik, D. Lakušić, Z. Satovic, and Z. Liber. 2014. Campanula skanderbegii: Molecular and Morphological Evidence of a New Campanula Species (Campanulaceae) Endemic to Albania. Systematic Botany 39: 1250-1260.

Supplemental File 1, Supplemental File 2.

Vol 39(3)

de Moura, R. L. and A. F. da Costa. 2014. Taxonomic notes on Vriesea section Xiphion (Bromeliaceae) with descriptions of three new species. Systematic Botany 39: 791-803.

Supplemental Files

Cialdella, A. M., S. M. Sede, K. Romaschenko, P. M. Peterson, R. J. Soreng, F. O. Zuloaga, and O.
Morrone. 2014. Phylogeny of Nassella (Stipeae, Pooideae, Poaceae) Based on Analyses of Chloroplast and Nuclear Ribosomal DNA and Morphology. Systematic Botany 39: 814–828.

Supplemental Files

Ellison, A. M., C. C. Davis, P. J. Calie, and R. F. C. Naczi. 2014. Pitcher Plants (Sarracenia) Provide a 21st-Century Perspective on Infraspecific Ranks and Interspecific Hybrids: A Modest Proposal for Appropriate Recognition and Usage. Systematic Botany 39: 939–949.

Supplemental Files

Fisher, A. E., L. G. Clark, and S. A. Kelchner. 2014. Molecular Phylogeny Estimation of the Bamboo Genus Chusquea (Poaceae: Bambusoideae: Bambuseae) and Description of Two New Subgenera. Systematic Botany 39: 829–844.

Supplemental File 1, Supplemental File 2

Folk, R. A. and J. V. Freudenstein. 2014. Revision of Heuchera Section Rhodoheuchera Subsections
Hemsleyanae and Rosendahliae Subsectio Nova (Saxifragaceae). Systematic Botany 39: 850–874.

Supplemental Files

Moura, T. M., G. P. Lewis, V. F. Mansano, and A. Maria G. A. Tozzi. 2014. Taxonomic Studies in
Mucuna Adans. (Leguminosae – Papilionoideae) from Peru. Systematic Botany 39: 884–896.

Supplemental Files

Groppo, M., M. P. Simmons, J. J. Cappa, L. Biral, and J. A. Lombardi. 2014. A New Species of Maytenus (Celastraceae) with Fleshy Fruits from Eastern Brazil, with Notes on the Delimitation of Maytenus. Systematic Botany 39: 478-484.

Supplemental Files

Zhang, J.-Q., S.-Y. Meng, J. Wen, and G.-Yuan Rao. 2014. Phylogenetic Relationships and Character Evolution of Rhodiola (Crassulaceae) based on Nuclear Ribosomal ITS and Plastid trnL-F and psbAtrnH Sequences. Systematic Botany 39: 441-451.

Supplemental Files

Lu-Irving, P., N. O’Leary, A. O’Brien, and R. G. Olmstead. 2014. Resolving the Genera Aloysia and Acantholippia within tribe Lantaneae (Verbenaceae), using Chloroplast and Nuclear Sequences. Systematic Botany 39: 644-655.

Supplemental Files

George, E. E., D. H. Mansfield, J. F. Smith, R. L. Hartman, S. R. Downie, and C. E. Hinchliff. 2014. Phylogenetic Analysis Reveals Multiple Cases of Morphological Parallelism and Taxonomic Polyphyly in Lomatium (Apiaceae). Systematic Botany 39: 662-675.

Appendix 1, Appendix 2, Appendix 3, Appendix 4, Supplemental Figure 1

Chacón, J., N. Cusimano, and S. S. Renner. 2014. The Evolution of Colchicaceae, with a Focus on Chromosome Numbers. Systematic Botany 39: 415-427.

Supplemental Files

Schulte, L. J., J. L. Clark, S. J. Novak, M. T.-Y. Ooi, and J. F. Smith. 2014. Paraphyly of Section Stygnanthe (Columnea, Gesneriaceae) and a Revision of the Species of Section Angustiflorae, a New Section Inferred from ITS and Chloroplast DNA Data. Systematic Botany 39: 613-636.

Supplemental Figure 1, Supplemental Figure 2, Supplemental Appendix

Linder, H. P., F. Perl, Y. Bouchenak-Khelladi, and N. P. Barker. 2014. Phylogeographical Pattern in the Southern African Grass Tenaxia disticha (Poaceae). Systematic Botany 39: 361-368.

Supplemental Files

Vol 39(2)

Léveillé-Bourret, É., S. M. Bailleul, J. Cayouette, and S. Joly. 2014. Testing Hybridization Hypotheses with Morphometry: the Case of Eastern American Arctic Species of Potentilla sect. Niveae (Rosaceae). Systematic Botany 39: 193-204.

Supplemental Files

García, N., A. W. Meerow, D. E. Soltis, and P. S. Soltis. 2014. Testing Deep Reticulate Evolution in Amaryllidaceae Tribe Hippeastreae (Asparagales) with ITS and Chloroplast Sequence Data. Systematic Botany 39: 75-89.

Supplemental Material, Supplemental Figures

Nazaire, M. and L. Hufford. 2014. Phylogenetic Systematics of the Genus Mertensia (Boraginaceae). Systematic Botany 39: 268-303.

Supplemental Files

Chen, W.-H., M. Möller, Y.-M. Shui, H. Wang, J.-B. Yang, and G.-Y. Li. 2014. Three New Species of Petrocodon (Gesneriaceae), Endemic to the Limestone Areas of Southwest China, and Preliminary Insights into the Diversification Patterns of the Genus. Systematic Botany 39: 316–330.

Supplemental Files

Shiels, D. R., D. L. Hurlbut, S. K. Lichtenwald, and A. K. Monfils. 2014. Monophyly and Phylogeny of Schoenoplectus and Schoenoplectiella (Cyperaceae): Evidence from Chloroplast and Nuclear DNA Sequences. Systematic Botany 39: 132-144.

Supplemental Files

Filipowicz, N., H. Schaefer, and S. S. Renner. 2014. Revisiting Luffa (Cucurbitaceae) 25 Years After C. Heiser: Species Boundaries and Application of Names Tested with Plastid and Nuclear DNA Sequences. Systematic Botany 39: 205-215.

Supplemental Files

Vol 39(1)

Spooner, D., P. Rojas, M. Bonierbale, L. A. Mueller, M. Srivastav, D. Senalik, and P. Simon. 2013. Molecular Phylogeny of Daucus (Apiaceae). Systematic Botany 39: 850-857.

Supplemental Files

Yeng, W. S., T. P. Jean, N. K. Kiaw, A. S. Othman, L. H. Boon, F. B. Ahmad, and P. C. Boyce. 2013. Phylogeny of Asian Homalomena (Araceae) based on the ITS Region Combined with Morphological and Chemical Data. Systematic Botany 39: 589-599.

Supplemental Files

Plume, O., S. C. K. Straub, N. Tel-Zur, A.Cisneros, B. Schneider, and J. J. Doyle. 2013. Testing a Hypothesis of Intergeneric Allopolyploidy in Vine Cacti (Cactaceae: Hylocereeae). Systematic Botany 39: 737-751.

Supplemental Files

Grossi, M. A. and L. Katinas. 2013. A New Circumscription of the Genus Stomatanthes (Asteraceae, Eupatorieae). Systematic Botany 39: 830-849. Files: Supplemental Appendix, Supplemental Table
Thode, V. A., N. O’Leary, R. G. Olmstead, and L. B. Freitas. 2013. Phylogenetic Position of the Monotypic Genus Verbenoxylum (Verbenaceae) and New Combination Under Recordia. Systematic Botany 39: 805-817.

Supplemental Files

Krosnick, S. E. K. E. Porter-Utley, J. M. MacDougal, P. M. Jørgensen, and L. A. McDade. 2013. New Insights into the Evolution of Passiflora subgenus Decaloba (Passifloraceae): Phylogenetic Relationships and Morphological Synapomorphies. Systematic Botany 39: 692-713.

Supplemental Files

Urban, L. and C. D. Bailey. 2013. Phylogeny of Leavenworthia and Selenia (Brassicaceae). Systematic Botany 39: 723-736.

Supplemental Files

Carlsen, M. M. and T. B. Croat. 2013 A Molecular Phylogeny of the Species-Rich Neotropical Genus Anthurium (Araceae) based on Combined Chloroplast and Nuclear DNA. Systematic Botany 38: 576-588.

Supplemental Trees

Vol 38(3)

Simmons, M. P. and J. J. Cappa. 2013. Wilczekra, a New Genus of Celastraceae for a Disjunct Lineage of Euonymus Systematic Botany 38: 148-153

Supplemental Trees

Vol 38(1)

Schubert, H. K., M. S. Taylor, J. F. Smith, and A. J. Bornstein. 2012. A systematic revision of the genus Manekia (Piperaceae). Systematic Botany 37: 587-598. Files: S upplemental Figure S1, Supplemental Figure S2, Supplemental Figure S3, Supplemental Figure S4, Supplemental Figure S5.
Cron, G. V., C. Pirone, M. Bartlett, W. J. Kress, and C. Specht. 2012. Phylogenetic relationships and evolution in the Strelitziaceae (Zingiberales). Systematic Botany 37: 606-619.

Supplemental Appendix.

Gomes-da-Silva, J., F. A. da Costa Vargens, R. do C. de Oliveira Arruda, and A. F. da Costa. 2012. A morphological cladistic analysis of the Vriesea corcovadensis group (Bromeliaceae: Tillandsioideae), with anatomical descriptions: New evidence of the nonmonophyly of the genus. Systematic Botany 37: 641-654.

Supplemental Appendices.

Brunken, U. and A. N. Muellner. 2012. A new tribal classification of Grewioideae (Malvaceae) based on morphological and molecular phylogenetic evidence. Systematic Botany 37: 699-711.

Supplemental Appendix 1

A. A. Donnell, H. E. Ballard, Jr., and P. D. Cantino. 2012. Callianthe (Malvaceae): A new genus of Neotropical Malveae. Systematic Botany 37: 712-722. Files: Supplemental Figure S1.

e Silva, U. C. S., A. Rapini, S. Liede-Schumann, P. L. Ribeiro, and C. van den Berg. 2012. Taxonomic considerations on Metastelmatinae (Apocynaceae) based on plastid and nuclear DNA. Systematic Botany 37: 795-806.

Supplemental Figure S1, Supplemental Figure S2.

Vol 37(3)

Vol 37(1)

Slovak, M., J. Kucera, K. Marhold, and J. Zozomova-Lihova. 2012. The morphological and genetic variation in the polymorphic species Picris hieracioides (Compositae, Lactuceae) in Europe strongly contrasts with traditional taxonomical concepts. Systematic Botany 37: 258-278.

Supplemental Table 2, Supplemental Appendix 2, S upplemental Figure S1, Supplemental Figure S2.

McKenna, M. J., M. P. Simmons, C. D. Bacon, and J. A. Lombardi. 2011. Delimitation of the segregate genera of Maytenus s. l. (Celastraceae) based on morphological and molecular characters. Systematic Botany 36: 922-932.

Supplemental Figures.

Goodson, B. E., S. K. Rehman, and R. K. Jansen. 2011. Molecular systematics and biogeography of Descurainia (Brassicaceae) based on nuclear ITS and non-coding chloroplast DNA. Systematic Botany 36: 957-980.

Supplemental Figures captions, Supplemental Figure S1, S upplemental Figure S2.

Tippery, N. P. and D. H. Les. 2011. Phylogenetic relationships and morphological evolution in Nymphoides (Menyanthaceae). Systematic Botany 36: 1101-1113.

Supplemental Figure S1 caption, Supplemental Figure S1.

Vol 36(4)

Alarcon, M. L., C. Roquet, and J. J. Aldasaro. 2011. Evolution of pollen/ovule ratios and breeding systems in Erodium (Geraniaceae). Systematic Botany 36: 661-676.

Supplemental Table S1.

Duarte, M. C., G. L. Esteves, M. L. F. Salatino, K. C. Walsh, and D. A. Baum. 2011. Phylogenetic analysis of Eriotheca and related genera (Bombacoideae, Malvaceae). Systematic Botany 36: 690-701.

Supplemental Figure S1.

Vol 36(3)

Rivero-Guerra, A. O. 2011. Morphological variation within and between taxa of the Santolina rosmarinifolia L. (Asteraceae: Anthemidae) aggregate. Systematic Botany 36: 171-190.

Supplemental Table S1, Supplemental Table S2-S4, S upplemental Table S5 S6, Supplemental Appendices S1-S3, Supplemental Figure S1, Supplemental Figure S2.

Tippery, N. P., C. T. Philbrick, C. P. Bove, and D. H. Les. 2011. Systematics and phylogeny of Neotropical riverweeds (Podostomaceae: Podostemoideae). Systematic Botany 36: 105-118.

Supplemental Appendix.

Vol 36(1)

Steffen, S., L. Mucina, and G. Kadereit. 2010. Revision of Sarcocornia (Chenopodiaceae) in South Africa, Namibia and Mozambique. Systematic Botany 35: 390-408.

Supplemental Appendix.

Coughenour, J. M., M. P. Simmons, J. A. Lombardi, and J. J. Cappa. 2010. Phylogeny of Celastraceae subfamily Salacioideae and tribe Lophopetaleae inferred from morphological characters and nuclear and plastid genes. Systematic Botany 35: 358-367.

Supplemental Appendix.

Boatwright, J. S., P. M. Tilney, and B.-E. van Wyk. 2010. Taxonomy of Wiborgiella (Crotalarieae, Fabaceae), a genus endemic to the Greater Cape Region of South Africa. Systematic Botany 35: 325-340.

Supplemental Appendix.

de la Estrella, M., C. Aedo, B. Mackinder, and M. Velayos. 2010. Taxonomic revision of Daniellia (Leguminosae: Caesalpinioideae). Systematic Botany 35: 296-324.

Supplemental Appendix.

Vol 35(2)

Zhong, J.-S., J. Li, L. Li, J. G. Conran, and H.-W. Li. 2010. Phylogeny of Isodon (Schrad. ex Benth.) Spach (Lamiaceae) and related genera inferred from nuclear ribosomal ITS, trnL-trnF region, and rps16 intron sequences and morphology. Systematic Botany 35: 207-219.

Appendix 1.

Patsch, R., J. Hentschel, R. Linares-Palomino, R.-L. Zhu, and J. Heinrichs. 2010. Diversification and taxonomy of the liverwort Jubula Dumort. (Jungermanniopsida: Porellales) inferred from nuclear and chloroplast DNA sequences. Systematic Botany 35: 6-12.

Appendix 1.

Vol 35(1)

Edwards, C. E., W. S. Judd, G. M. Ionta, and B. Herring. 2009. Using population genetic data as a tool to identify new species: Conradina cygniflora (Lamiaceae), a new, endangered species from Florida. Systematic Botany 34: 747-759.

Replacement Figure 4.

Vol 34(4)

Kaplan, Z., J. Fehrer, and C. Barre Hellquist. 2009. New hybrid combinations revealed by molecular analysis: The unknown side of North American pondweed diversity (Potamogeton). Systematic Botany 34 (4): 625-642.

Suppl. Materials.

Fisher, A. E., J. K. Triplett, C.-S. Ho, A. D. Schiller, K. A. Oltrogge, E. S. Schroder, S. A. Kelchner, and L. G. Clark. 2009. Paraphyly in the bamboo subtribe Chusqueinae (Poaceae: Bambusoideae) and a revised infrageneric classification for Chusquea. Systematic Botany34 (4): 673-683.

Suppl. Materials.

Moon, H.-K., S.-P. Hong, E. Smets, and S. Huysmans. 2009. Micromorphology and character evolution of nutlets in tribe Mentheae (Nepetoideae, Lamiaceae). Systematic Botany 34 (4): 760-776.

Suppl. Appendix 1.

Costea, M., M. A. R. Wright, and S. Stefanovic. 2009. Untangling the systematics of salt marsh dodders: Cuscuta pacifica, a new segregate species from Cuscuta salina (Convolvulaceae). Systematic Botany 34 (4): 787-795.

Suppl. Appendix 1; Suppl. Appendix 2.

Wendy L. Clement and George D. Weiblen. 2009. Morphological evolution in the mulberry family (Moraceae). Systematic Botany 34(3): 530-552.

Suppl. Appendix 1.

Harald Schneider, Alan R. Smith, and Kathleen M. Pryer. 2009. Is morphology really at odds with molecules in estimating fern phylogeny? Systematic Botany 34(3): 455-475.

Suppl. Appendix 1.

Craig F. Barrett and John V. Freudenstein. 2009. Patterns of morphological and plastid DNA variation in the Corallorhiza striata species complex (Orchidaceae). Systematic Botany 34(3): 496-504.

Suppl. Fig. 1; Suppl. Fig. 2.

Vol 34(3)

Andrea S. Vega, Gabriel H. Rua, Liliana T. Fabbri, and Zulma E. Rugolo de Agrasar. 2009. A morphology-based cladistic analysis of Digitaria(Poaceae, Panicoideae, Paniceae). Systematic Botany 34(2): 312-323.

Suppl. Appendix 3.

Vol 34(2)

Ivonne Sanchez del-Pino, Thomas Borsch, and Timothy J. Motley. 2009. trnL-F and rpl16 sequence data and dense taxon sampling reveal monophyly of unilocular anthered Gomphrenoideae (Amaranthaceae) and an improved picture of their internal relationships. Systematic Botany 34(1): 57-67.

Suppl. Figs. 1-2.

Jennifer A. Tate, M. Cristina Acosta, Joshua McDill, Eduardo A. Moscone, Beryl B. Simpson, and Andrea A. Cocucci. 2009. Phylogeny and character evolution in Nierembergia (Solanaceae): molecular, morphological, and cytogenetic evidence. Systematic Botany 34(1): 198-206.

Suppl. Fig. 1.

Flor Rodriguez and David M. Spooner. 2009. Nitrate reductase phylogeny of potato (Solanum sect. Petota) genomes with emphasis on the origins of the polyploid species. Systematic Botany 34(1): 207-219.

Suppl. Figs. 1-4.

Vol 34(1)

M. Alejandra Jaramillo, Ricardo Callejas, Christopher Davidson, James F. Smith, Angela C. Stevens, and Eric J. Tepe. 2008. A phylogeny of the tropical genus Piper using ITS and chloroplast intron psbJpetA. Systematic Botany 33(4): 647-660.

Suppl. Fig. 1A; S uppl. Fig. 1B; Suppl. Fig. 1C; Suppl. Fig. 1D; S uppl. Fig. 1E; Suppl. Fig. 1F.

Vol 33(4)

Diego Fajardo, Raul Castillo, Alberto Salas, and David M. Spooner. 2008. A morphometric study of species boundaries of the wild potato Solanumseries Conicibaccata: a replicated field trial in Andean Peru. Systematic Botany 33(1): 183-192.

Suppl. Fig. 1; Suppl. Fig. 2; Suppl. Fig. 3; Suppl. Fig. 4; Suppl. Fig. 5; S uppl. Fig. 6; Suppl. Fig. 7; Suppl. Fig. 8; Morphometric Dataset.

Vol 33(1)