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The Barrett Lab in the Department of Biology at West Virginia University is seeking highly motivated Ph.D. or M.S. students for admission in 2018. Our lab focuses on using genomic approaches to study systematics and evolution of plants, as well as plant-microbial interactions. 

Students with skills in field biology, genetic/genomic lab techniques, phylogenetic analysis, and/or bioinformatics are strongly encouraged to apply. Experience with computer scripting languages useful in bioinformatics (e.g., Python, Perl, R, or UNIX) is preferable. 

Potential research projects are flexible, and interested students are welcome to propose unique projects. Some past and current research foci in the Barrett Lab include, but are not limited to:

• Evolutionary biology of *parasitic (mycoheterotrophic) orchids*: genome evolution; gene expression; physiology; ecology; host interactions; systematics. 
• Phylogenomic, comparative approaches to resolving relationships among *monocot angiosperms* (grasses, palms, gingers, orchids, and relatives), including diversification, trait evolution, and evolutionary rate variation.
• Population genetics & genomics at or near the species level: *integrative species delimitation* using genomic, morphological, developmental, ecological, and phenological data.
• *Conservation genomics* of rare or threatened plants: analyses of local adaptation; ecological genetics & gene expression; genotypic, phenotypic, & environmental correlations; responses to climate change.
• Novel approaches to phylogenetic analysis and genome evolution.

Dr. Barrett’s Google Scholar profile:

Campus resources include: 
WVU Genomics Core Facility, housed in the Biology Department:
High Performance Computing:
Fernow Experimental Forest:
WVU Earl Core Arboretum:
WVU Herbarium:
Ecotron and greenhouses:

*West Virginia University* is a large, diverse university with R1 status. The *Department of Biology* has core research strengths including plant & microbial genomics, ecology, neuroscience, and other areas. *Morgantown* is a vibrant, diverse college town/small city, situated in the foothills of the Allegheny Mountains, ~1.5 hours from Pittsburgh, PA, and ~3 hours from Columbus, OH and Washington, D.C. 

Outdoor activities abound in and around Morgantown, and throughout WV and neighboring MD, PA, and VA. Fishing, rafting, kayaking, hiking, skiing, biking, etc., are within a short drive of the city limits.

*Requirements and deadlines:
Applications for Fall 2018 priority are due by *February 1, 2017*. Applicants must arrange for official copies of transcripts and test scores to be sent directly to the WVU Office of Graduate Admissions and Recruitment at PO Box 6510, Morgantown, WV 26506-6510. If being sent by delivery service (Federal Express, UPS, etc) requiring a street address, please use WVU Office of Graduate Admissions and Recruitment, 1500 One Waterfront Place, Morgantown, WV 26501. The following program requirements are in addition to the main WVU Graduate Application. *Test Requirements: GRE (all students) TOEFL (international only)*

Application details can be found here:

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WVU Biology website:
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WVU Graduate Education:

For further information about opportunities in the Barrett Lab, please contact me (Craig Barrett,; for questions about out graduate program, please contact or our graduate chair, Kevin Daly (

WVU, the Department of Biology, and the Barrett Lab are committed to diversity: women, members of minorities, students with disabilities, and veterans are strongly encouraged to apply. For more on diversity at WVU, please visit: