Student Travel Grants 2018

The ASPT Membership Committee is happy to announce that the popular student travel grant lottery from previous years will continue this year.  The ASPT Council approved awarding 45 travel grants, each for $300, to attend Botany 2018 in Rochester, MN from July 21 - 25, 2018.  Please see the application form and instructions.

Please encourage your students to apply. Undergraduates who are particularly motivated or who would benefit from attending the meeting are encouraged to apply.  Graduate students must obtain the signature of their major advisor (to confirm status as a currently enrolled graduate student in plant systematics) and be a current member of ASPT (enrollment status will be verified, please renew memberships prior to submitting applications*).  While undergraduate students are encouraged to join ASPT, they need not be members to apply; however, undergraduates must obtain the signature of their mentor or sponsor to apply.  All applications will go into a single pool, from which 45 winners will be drawn randomly.  If you are a student who received a travel grant last year, you may apply again with no restrictions.

Travel grant recipients will be provided with a check for $300, if no ASPT banquet ticket is purchased, or $300 + banquet ticket price, if a receipt for a purchased ASPT banquet ticket is supplied.

Please note that applications must be received by 26 March 2018, in order to select and notify the winners in advance of the April 3, Botany 2018 abstract submission deadline. Winners will be notified by e-mail no later than 30 March and the names of winners will be posted on the ASPT website.

The ASPT Membership Committee

*Membership Renewal Instructions:

ASPT Welcome Page:    Click on "Membership Payments" to renew. 

RENEWALS: Please login at before you submit your online membership renewal form at the Membership Payments link whether you will be making an immediate payment by credit card or sending a check. Without login, a duplicate record is created and manual corrections are required. The default information for login was your email address and SRN (case sensitive). If your login information was changed, Linda Brown can easily supply you with the information upon request to . Do not hesitate to ask.

*NEW MEMBERS: Please go to the ASPT Welcome page, scroll down the page to read the instructions for submitting your new membership application.

For Botany 2018 information, visit the Botany Conference 2018 website.