M.S. Plant Systematics or Phylogenetic Diversity, U. Nebraska-Omaha

Dr. P. Roxanne Kellar, University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO), is seeking to recruit students interested in a Master’s degree in molecular plant systematics and/or phylogenetic diversity to conduct research in her lab.


Herbarium Curator, Utah Valley University

Summary of Duties: 

Acts as liaison between the UVU Herbarium and the state, national, and international botanical community; requests plant specimen loans, receives and processes loans, prepares and ships loan requests; and maintains a plant specimen exchange program with other herbaria.

Secures appropriate plant collection permits from Bureau of Land Management, Forest Service, and National Parks and Monuments offices.

Supervises work study students hired to work in the herbarium. Supervises student floristic and systematic research projects.

Teaches courses related to plant identification, systematics, and herbarium management.

Estimates repair costs on equipment, searches, orders, receives and inventories replacement parts, supplies, materials, devices and equipment.

Prepares, maintains, controls, submits and stores appropriate department files, reports, records, lists, summaries, etc., including records of inventory, purchases, supplies, work orders, specimen loans, etc.

Minimum Qualifications: 
Masters degree required from an accredited institution related to the field of study.