Tenure track faculty/curator - University of Wisconsin-Green Bay

Applicants are sought for a permanent, tenure-track position as Curator of the Gary A. Fewless Herbarium (UWGB) and Assistant Professor of Biology at University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. The deadline to ensure consideration of application is Wednesday, 6 March 2019.


Tucker Lichenologist-Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

The Tucker Lichenologist at the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden is an endowed research scientist and curatorial position primarily responsible for performing lichenological research and curation in support of the Garden's mission. With ca. 35,600 specimens, the lichen collection at the Garden is the second largest in California and the fourth largest west of the Mississippi River. The Tucker Lichenologist will curate this important collection, serve as a regional lichen expert for western North America, and maintain an independent research program focusing on lichen biodiversity, taxonomy, systematics, and/or ecology. 


Assistant Curator, Florida Museum of Natural History

The Florida Museum of Natural History, University of Florida, invites applications for an Assistant Curator (equivalent to Assistant Professor), a tenure-track position, who will serve as curator-in-charge of the Herbarium, including supervision of its staff. The successful candidate is expected to conduct a dynamic research program focused broadly on the evolutionary biology of plants.

Qualified candidates must have a Ph.D. in Biology, Botany, or a closely related field, and demonstrate a record of research and publication focused on the evolution of any group(s) of plants. Candidates should also be willing to collaborate actively, although not exclusively, with the University of Florida’s diverse botanical research programs in the Florida Museum of Natural History, Department of Biology (College of Liberal Arts and Sciences), and Institute for Food and Agricultural Sciences. Candidates must be capable of leading, promoting, and utilizing an internationally recognized Herbarium (FLAS) that includes more than 465,000 specimens of vascular plants, bryophytes, algae, and moss.

The appointee is expected to teach and mentor both undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Florida. Pursuit of external funding is expected. The anticipated start date is no later than August 16, 2018.

See the link for details:


Manager of Scientific Collections-University of Connecticut/Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

The Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology seeks a Manager of Scientific Collections (UCP VII) to curate the CONN herbarium, which houses collections that support the teaching and research activities of a large academic department and other scientific users.


Missouri Botanical Garden/Krukoff Scientist

The Krukoff Scientist will be responsible for conducting botanical research in the Africa and Madagascar Department, Science and Conservation Division. This will include systematic research on various flowering plant groups, focusing on tropical Africa and/or Madagascar, and will involve a diversity of approaches, including field and herbarium studies as well as one or more analytical methods (e.g., phylogenetics, biogeography, conservation analysis, etc.). 


Herbarium Curator, Utah Valley University

Summary of Duties: 

Acts as liaison between the UVU Herbarium and the state, national, and international botanical community; requests plant specimen loans, receives and processes loans, prepares and ships loan requests; and maintains a plant specimen exchange program with other herbaria.

Secures appropriate plant collection permits from Bureau of Land Management, Forest Service, and National Parks and Monuments offices.

Supervises work study students hired to work in the herbarium. Supervises student floristic and systematic research projects.

Teaches courses related to plant identification, systematics, and herbarium management.

Estimates repair costs on equipment, searches, orders, receives and inventories replacement parts, supplies, materials, devices and equipment.

Prepares, maintains, controls, submits and stores appropriate department files, reports, records, lists, summaries, etc., including records of inventory, purchases, supplies, work orders, specimen loans, etc.

Minimum Qualifications: 
Masters degree required from an accredited institution related to the field of study.


The California Academy of Science to fill three positions with Ph.D. scientists who do outstanding biodiversity/ecological science

The California Academy of Sciences seeks to fill three positions with Ph.D. scientists who do outstanding biodiversity/ecological science, focus on broader science communication & engagement, care about increasing diversity in science, are excited to connect their work to real-world sustainability outcomes, and want to change the world. This year, we are seeking candidates who work in biological or physical anthropology, herpetology, and the botany of western North America.

Western North America Botany: We seek candidates who specialize in western North American plants (especially Californian), examining a wide range of topics, including their evolution, diversity, ecology, or sustainability under global change. Candidates who could potentially work with our extensive research collections and our emerging California Ecosystems strategic initiative will be especially welcome. The successful candidate will fill the John T. Howell Chair of Western North American Botany.